This project is currently discontinued and no longer being worked on

The unofficial, free and open source desktop application for the bunq API

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Desktop version

bunqDesktop is an unofficial, free and open source desktop application for the bunq api.

Our goal is to allow users to manage their bunq account from a desktop device without exposing their API keys to a third party.

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All your data stays on your device and is encrypted with your personal password.

Custom features

Along with the functionality supplied by the bunq API we also added some useful custom features. If you'd like us to add something make sure to let us know!

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  • insert_chart Statistics page
  • bookmark Custom categories
  • file_upload Improved exports
  • And more...

Easy setup

Installation is as simple as running a one-click installer or using one of the other listed options which can be found here.

To get started with connecting your account simply scan the QR code with the official bunq app.

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You can also easily add multiple accounts and switch between them within seconds. Or if you'd like to try out the application first you can create instantly create a free test account!


bunqDesktop is supported on most major platforms including Windows, macOS and a few Linux distrubutions.

There are pre-built installers available for these platforms on Github.

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Package managers

Brew Cask
$ brew cask install bunqcommunity-bunq
$ choco install bunqdesktop
$ sudo snap install bunqdesktop
AUR package
$ $AURHELPER -S bunq-desktop-bin

Open source

bunqDesktop is open source! Let us know if you have things you'd like to see added, find bugs or if you are willing to help us out!

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Contact us

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